Plant Shipping + Refund Policy

1. Some times plants will arrive damaged due to shipping carrier delays and rough handling. Please send us multiple pictures of the plant if it arrives dead within 24 hours of delivery. 

Please NOTE: This excludes NORMAL shipping distress on plants from being in a box that is not limited to: few broken or discolored leaves,  soil that has been roughed up by the journey, wilted leaves that is in need of water. 

With higher temperatures in the summer, it is normal for plants to curl. Please water the plant throughly and place it next to a humidifier. 

Buying plants online is a risk. We do our absolute best to pack, box, wrap, and tape these plants to ensure risk is minimized. With that in mind please carefully open your box and take your time repotting if needed. Please allow 2 weeks for your plants to accumulate to your home. 

2. Shipping in severe weather: we will adjust our shipping options accordingly to ensure that your new plant baby is getting to you as quick as possible. We always recommend doing UPS 3 day select, or 2nd day air if an option for your area. If you choose USPS priority- there is no guarantee that it will get to you in the 2-3 days as estimated. You'll be assuming the risk. 

If you know your area will be experiencing extreme cold or hot weather, please let us know in the notes at checkout. We may hold your order until the heatwave has passed. 

If we are not made aware of the weather, we will not replace any plant affected by cold or hot weather damage. If the weather is extreme, feel free to reach out to us on chat, or email us at so we can come up with a plan to get your plant baby to you as quickly as possible. If we are not aware, and you place an order anyway, you'll be ordering at your own risk. 

We ship the healthiest of all plants and cannot control what the weather does to them. Remember they are traveling in a box. 

3. Plants are final sale. If you are not happy with your plants in any way, we will work with you to revive your plants, or replace it. 

You must send us FULL pictures of the plant, not just the dead leaves. If you alter the plant in any such way, like trimming, cutting, or separating the plant, we will not replace it. 

4. If your plants is not delivered by the scheduled timeframe provided by the carrier please contact your local post office or UPS before contacting us. There is nothing we can do on our end once a package has been sent out. It is your responsibility to track the package and contact your post office/UPS. 

PLEASE READ the above policies. By placing a plant order with us, you are agreeing to all our policies and rules.