meet janet + the team


 Founder + Artist +Creative Director

Random Facts: I’m a helicopter fur mom of two, Bonnie and Clyde! (As the name implies, they are partners in crimes.) I also like to pretend I can sing and dance, sometimes at the same time! I’ve been told it’s an acquired taste.

Guilty Pleasure: Matcha green tea, and anything green tea from Starbucks. I can drink that by the gallons.




Brand +Social Media Manager

Random Facts: I’m Kenzie! I’m all about being intentional, working hard, and pursuing quality community (with a we’re-all-in-this-together attitude!). I love any excuse to dress up—I’m a huge believer in the magic of a good pair of high heels. Major fan of M&Ms and dry shampoo.

Guilty Pleasure: To the Golden Girls, I love to love you. Also, (iced) lavender lattes. 



 Content Strategist  

Random Facts: I honestly believe my favorite podcast hosts count as my friends. I’m a proud Ravenclaw (*Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.*)  I have a very impressive and completely useless memory for television quotes and C-list actors.

Guilty Pleasure: Cheetos. Just can’t stay away.



Kyle Richards

Production and Fulfillment Manager

Random Facts: The fiancé of Janet. Fur dad to Bonnie and Clyde. Also, go Miami Dolphins. 

Guilty Pleasure: Video games and anything to munch on.