our mission

At Janet Gwen, we're all about elevating the essentials; our

products are made with the aesthetic-loving go-getter in mind. We

want to make your hustle beautiful and help you look forward to

getting to work every day!


Our products are hand-packaged and crafted at our in-house studio

in Charlotte, NC. From mood-inspired candles, hand-lettered marble

mugs, and silicone keyboard covers, to best-selling marble-wrapped

macbook covers, every Janet Gwen product is made to motivate you

to get to work and go after your wildest dreams — because we really

believe you can!


meet me!

(the Janet behind Janet Gwen Designs)



founder + artist + creative director

Hey there! I’m Janet, a twenty-something entrepreneur who decided to take a different route in life. It was never my dream to go to college or take a traditional path in life. I knew I wanted so much more than that. I did try college and dropped out. So to whoever was about to say ‘don’t knock it till you try it’, well I tried it and ‘dropped’ it. (haha, no? Okay moving along.) It’s not for everyone; if it was your path I have the uttermost admiration for you! I, however, had a strong passion for creating things and painting. Texture, depth, and color are what make my heart sing.

Funny enough, Janet Gwen Designs started when I was in high school. First known as Sincerely JQH, then MadebyJH, then finally what you know it as Janet Gwen Designs. You can say my business had a bit of an identity crisis. Anyways, my mom gave me my first ever phone case. It was not a pretty sight for sure. It was something she had picked up from the flea market. I was 17 and broke, so I had no money to buy a new one. I was taking art class a lot and hung out in art class whenever I had a free moment. Mr. Gander, my art teacher, showed me some artwork print (I wish I remember who!), and I was immediately inspired by the swirls of colors; then I thought what if I added more texture and depth? It started on paper, but I was looking at my phone case…well, you can guess what happened. I painted my phone case!  This technique can be seen in a lot of the original phone case designs! I stopped when I graduated through and went to college along with 3 part-time jobs over time. For the next 2 years, my entire life was all about work and school. I was wholeheartedly unhappy. I decided I couldn’t live my whole entire life this unhappy and unsatisfied. I decided I wanted more and would no longer settle for anything less. So at 19, in June of 2014, I opened my Etsy Shop and learned everything I could about running an online business. Thank you, Google for showing me the way!

I could never have imagined it would turn out to be what it is today. I am ever so grateful that I get to do what I love and live my dream every day with the support of my amazing boyfriend and team.

I create products, not to sell products, but with other bosses in mind! I want to inspire and encourage people to chase after their own dreams. I want everyone to have the opportunity to live their dreams, whatever it may be like I am blessed to do.

meet the team!