“Owning your story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do”- Brene Brown

We all have stories. Now, we want to hear yours. Share it with us on instagram! From the highs to the lows, we’ve got your back, and #myJGDstory is a chance to tell your story the way only you can. 

When I first started using Instagram, I loved it as a tool to create relationships with people across the globe. I craved connection, and I’ve met some of my greatest friends on social media.

However, you know that ancient proverb, “Don’t compare your hustle to their highlight reel”? In an Insta-perfect world, it’s so easy to compare yourself to strangers, and feel unworthy in the process. I’ve been there. Measuring yourself against a filtered, highly curated standard is an unwinnable game, and it brings you down.

Team JGD wants to help you combat that. I started JGD to create more than just a ‘grammable product: I wanted to inspire conversations and facilitate connections. We think sharing > comparing, and with #MyJGD we want it all: the hustle and the highlight. The real and the raw, the wins and the losses.

Every month we will open up a discussion on our instagram page around a theme, to foster those connections and give you a platform to share. We want to bring the real, authentic, and brave back into social media.

I will be sharing my story every month, and I hope you’ll join me. Own your story, and cross out the “un.” Because you are worthy. 

For as long as I remember I have felt wholeheartedly unworthy-so unworthy I didn't think I deserved to live. These scars on my arms represents some of the darkest times in my life when I let people's words literally cut me deeply. I was ashamed to show them and thought heavily about photoshopping it out but I wanted to be honest and not just another pretty picture with no depth. As Brene Brown said, "What we don't need in the midst of our struggle is shamed for being human." To keep this story short, it wasn't until I finally found the courage to seek out professional help a couple of months ago-because I knew I couldn't do it on my own- that I am starting to see my sense of worth little by little. I realized that my worth was not determined by others but by myself. I encourage anyone else who may be struggle to reach out too because you're not alone. You matter. ❤️

I hope you can find the courage to share your story too. 

Need some help getting started? Please see our JUNE post!