client + corporate gifting

we love partnering with companies who share are love for pretty and unique things. our corporate gifting program lets you get tons of Janet Gwen Designs at a discount!

there are a few rules to keep in mind: 

➕products can't be use for resale (interested in resale? (click, click)

➕products must obviously used for employee, clients, or event gifting 

some great examples of what corporate gifting is great for:


staff retreats, company pop ups, weddings


show your clients some love


show your employee some love + apprecaition
You got some options!
we offer 2 types of orders....

custom products

you can put your logo on some JGD products like ipad cases, macbook cases, and way more. 
minimum order will vary per product. 

large orders

this is your standard corporate gifting order and you can choose almost anything in Janet Gwen Designs catalog. minimum order will vary per product.