Work From Home Tips from the JG Team

Hello, and welcome to spring 2020- you live inside now! If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that literally anything can happen and that the work-from-home life isn’t always easy, especially if it came out of the blue. Luckily, your pals here Janet Gwen have been on that WFH grind for a while, and we’ve been through all the ups and downs. We’re here to share our best tips, pitfalls to watch out for, and how to make the most of your time at home while you have it. Take a deep breath (everything is going to be okay!), and read on! 

Janet- Founder of JG

Working from home for: This will be 5ish years! I’ve been working from home almost since the beginning of JG.

Best WFH Tips: Have a morning routine! It’s so important for getting settled and ready to tackle your day. I feel so much more put together when I wake up at the same time every day and go through my routine, which is:

  • Wake at 6:45 am 
  • Do my morning skincare routine
  • Make my bed
  • Yoga with Adriene on youtube
  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes with Simple Habit
  • Then plan my day!

This will take at least 45 minutes to an hour or more, depending on how long the yoga session is. Totally worth the time.

I choose the yoga session depending on my mood. I’ll do a quick 15 session if I'm super excited to get the day started, and a longer session if I need a moment to get into the groove.

If I don’t do this, I feel out of whack for the whole day.

Must-Have JG Products:Phone case + grip + Airpod cases 

I am on the phone a lot during the ‘work’ day, so having a grip makes it easier to carry around, and the Airpod cases are a must so I don’t lose them. So small!

My gold and logo case, of course. I do a lot of computer work. I am also a snacker, so the inner skin really helps protect from crumbs, and from pen marks when I accidentally use a pen that smears. At least it’s not on my actual Macbook!

Kyle- Production Manager

Working from home for: Just over one-year full time with JG. Helped throughout the years in production when Janet needed help.

Best WFH Tips: Having a morning routine before you start your day, for sure. Always have water next to you and set breaks throughout the day. I like to take small breaks to play with Bonnie and Clyde or go visit Janet wherever she is in the house. 

Must-Have JG Products: My blackout laptop case.

I like candles, but I can’t choose a favorite because they are like my babies! (I make all JG candles in-house.)

Kenzie- Social Media Manager

Working from home for: Four years.

Best WFH Tips: Braindump your task list at the beginning of the week and, from that list, pre-plan your workday the night before. Make sure you set realistic goals so you can finish your workday feeling accomplished. This makes it a lot easier to transition from work-mode to focusing on quality time with your family. Also, make it a point to find your most productive time of day and make sure you’re committed to working within that window!

Must-Have JG Products:

  • My JG marble Airpod case, inner skin, and keyboard cover. I love working with my Airpods - they help me shut out the world and focus on the task at hand. I really appreciate the fact that the JG case comes with a clip so I can keep them attached to my work bag! 
  • I love opening up my laptop and seeing the inner skin. It makes me feel put together 😜
  • And the keyboard cover makes me feel more comfortable eating snacks + drinking coffee while I’m working. Which is a must for me. Haha.  

Dinah - Customer Care

Working from home for: Three years, with a 7-year-old and 4-year-old! :) 

Best WFH Tips: Take breaks, walk around or take a walk outdoors. Set alarms to make yourself take a break! Set one major goal for your day (doesn’t have to be work-related!). Put your workspace by a window! Use notes on your phone or something to physically mark off your tasks. It helps you feel so much more accomplished! 

Must-Have JG Products:

  • A candle for sure! I don’t even need to burn it to get the benefits- it smells amazing and is so beautiful! I have the tin closed until I sit down, and I open it and start working! I’ll burn one in my kitchen at the same time. I think having a candle burning during the day really helps my mood.
  • Marble trackpad cover. It’s something small, but gives me such a mood boost when I open my Mac. That marble aesthetic just makes working easier, for some reason...scientists, get on that!

Sarah- Project Manager

Working from home for: One year...with a one year old!

Best WFH Tips: Set aside time to get in 30 minutes of movement every single day. My favorites are cycling classes on the Peloton App, and we take long walks on any day the weather is nice! A mini dance party is very helpful to get energized and my mind focused. Blue light blocker glasses are essential. Always have a full water bottle nearby. Sounds silly, but I stay hydrated more easily when my 32 oz Hydroflask is insight. Anytime I get up from where I am working, I always top it off so when I need water there is plenty. 

Must-Have JG Products:

  • The rose quartz phone grip, which makes it so easy to use my phone on the go without dropping it. And it looks like jewelry.

Lindsey - Copy Writer

Working from home for: A little over one year.

Best WFH Tips: There is definitely a learning curve for working from home! When I first started working from home, the lack of structure felt like freedom- but not for long. To echo many of my JG teammates, having a morning routine is so important. Mine is to wake up around 6:45, make my coffee, and read for about an hour. I usually save my fiction for the night and do non-fiction in the morning to get my brain going, without getting too dreamy. Then I do my morning skincare, throw on a workout outfit and take my dog, Romy, on a walk with a podcast going. Those are my other two tips: change out of your PJs (even if it’s just into leggings) and get a dog. And talk to them all day long. 

Must-Have JG Products: 

My Black and Gold Marble Macbook case, which makes me feel like a badass even when I’m (as mentioned) singing Bohemian Rhapsody to my confused dog.

A motivational vinyl, to remind me to keep going when the workday gets a little rough, 

And the Calm Within the Chaos candle…because who doesn’t need some Zen right now?

We hope these tips help you in your WFH journey! If you get bored, feel free to DM us. We’ll be waiting with a meme and a virtual hug. 

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