Vacay Pics to Inspire Your Last Month of Summer

Guys, don’t panic, but it’s AUGUST. Not that that means it will stop being summer weather anytime soon; remember going back-to-school shopping as a child and then not getting to wear your sweet new sweaters for forever? Temperatures aside, though, September 1st seems to mark the end of summer’s carefree spirit, where adventure reigns and any excuse to relax is made acceptable with a breezy “Who cares? It’s summer.” A villa in Italy may not be an option for the spontaneous 3-day weekend, but what about a B&B in Asheville, or a cheap, sandy motel in a small beach town? Waves are waves, baby. Get a henna tattoo on your lower back or come home with a pet hermit crab. Vacay is, above all, a state of mind. You hustle all year-long- take these last few weeks of glorious l’ete to explore, energize, and live your most hammock-y life. P.S., don’t forget to protect your Ipad while you travel with this gorgeous marbled case
All pictures via Pinterest. If any of these pictures are yours, please let us know so we can credit you!

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