The Emotional Journey of Dropping Your Phone

We’ve all been there. You’re telling a story, with accompanying gestures or trying to carry a coffee, phone, and 6 grocery bags (death before a second trip!) when all of a sudden: your phone leaves your hand. You emit a strangled yell as it flies through the air, seemingly in slow motion, before the inevitable collision. One of your friends mutters “Oh shit” as you leap and crouch in one motion toward your beloved, like a mother bird whose chick has fallen from the nest. You pray to the gods old and new, already tabulating the time and expense of repairing that precious glass, as you turn the stupid thing up to face the light. Did it survive?! Is it injured?! Was it fatal?! I don’t know! What I do know is that all this needless tragedy could be prevented...with a gorgeous Janet Gwen Designs hand painted phone case and phone grip!
Until we invent a way to magnetize the human hand, the phone grip is your best bet for a solid grip. Plus, you won’t drop your phone squarely on your face while scrolling through Insta in bed (don’t even pretend you haven’t done that). Below: .gifs that perfectly summarizes the emotional rollercoaster of dropping your phone.
There you are, just living your life, when all of a sudden...your phone goes flying.
This is your friends, at first.
This is your friends, 0.5 seconds later.
You prepare yourself for the damage…
You reach for it…
It’s the moment of truth. You’re either Taraji P. Henson
or Sad Leo...which do you want to be?
(wishing he had a phone grip)
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