Take This Quiz and We’ll Tell You Which Marble Macbook Case is Right for You✨

Life is full of hard choices. Luckily for us, though, we live in the internet age...and there’s a quiz for everything. Want to know what your career should be, or what you should eat for lunch? There are quizzes for that. Do you have important work that you’re procrastinating, and need to know which ‘90s boy band member would own your spirit animal as a pet? THERE’S A QUIZ FOR THAT.

(For the record, it’s Nick Carter with a 3-toed sloth.)

The last thing we at Janet Gwen Designs would want is for you to face a hard choice alone. So when you’re struggling to choose which color marble Macbook case is right for you...have no fear. Take our quiz below to find out your JGD marble Macbook case personality!


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