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We are creating a new series of swoon worthy things from food to home decor, to everyday life for your daily inspiration because why not? 
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Fruit bowls are all the rage especially during summertime, and they make an instagram worthy picture! What's even more instagram worthy are fruit bowls in a coconut shell! Head on over to see how Designlovefest created their bowls for some inspiration of your own. 
Avocado toast is always going to have my heart but a little variation never killed anyone. If this picture doesn't inspire you to try salmon on toast I don't know what will!
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This makes my sugar levels rise just by looking at it, but it sure is pretty. An EXTRA way of drinking your milkshake that everyone should try at least once. Maybe not by yourself through! 
(Via Pinterest)
This year was the year of unicorns. I'm sure no one can forget the Unicorn frappacino from Starbucks. Try out these popsicles for your summer cookout and continue the Unicorn trend! You'll be the hit of the party with these!
That concludes our round up! Which one was your favorite?

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