Room Inspiration: Soft Bohemian

I have a history of just sort of falling into a decor scheme. I’m a magpie for thrifty wall hangings and knick-knacks, and sometimes it works out, giving my room a cozy, nomadic caravan vibe, but other times the result is disjointed and random. In my next apartment, I want to be really intentional with my decor. As Type B as I am, I will never be someone whose curtains match the trim on the linens and the furniture was bought as a set, etc., but I would like my space to have a clear point of view. Enter: bohemian neutrals. Like packing all black for a trip, by sticking with neutrals like white, gray, nude, and blush, you can play with texture, proportion, and pattern without worrying about a strict scheme. Airy, neutral spaces get a boost of color from indoor plants; the presence of greenery has also been shown to lower anxiety and increase productivity, a win-win if you work from home! Peace out Garden store! Major inspiration below.

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