Q&A: Why isn't the Janet Gwen Designs Marble MacBook Case REAL Marble?

Simple, timeless, and (seriously) chic, the practical design of the Janet Gwen Designs Marble MacBook case is bound to turn a few heads.

If you’re being honest, you would most likely back the statement that marble is one of the (if not *THE*) biggest trend of 2017. It’s everywhere—and with good reason; this veiny, natural stone is the epitome of elegance and class.

One question that is frequently asked in regards to the JGD MacBook Case is, “Why isn’t the case real marble?”

Keep in mind that marble is a stone and a dense stone at that. If we were to make laptop cases out of real marble, the case would weigh upwards of six pounds! Not only would it potentially crush your laptop (defeating the purpose of a protective case), it would take a significant amount of extra effort to tote it around town. And… If you wanna send some serious shivers down your spine… just think about the damage that could be done if you accidentally dropped it. *R.I.P. toes*

When I first created the (now signature) laptop cases, I knew I wanted to mimic the luxurious vibes of this natural stone, but I had to get creative in fabricating a faux-marble design that would achieve the same look at a fraction of the weight.

Years later, this signature line of laptop cases—now expanded into several different designs and shades of marble—continues to be a best seller. We’ve spent MANY hours producing these cases and gathering feedback from buyers to best meet the needs of their everyday lives. Because of this ongoing time and effort, we can confidently say that our cases are the best on the market. For real.

With easy-to-use snap-on grips and a dirt & scratch-proof design, the Janet Gwen Designs Marble MacBook Case’s two-piece set is more than just a pretty face; it's lightweight with a durable design made to withstand the typical wear and tear of the on-the-go lifestyle of a girl-boss, carrying it here, there and everywhere.

The Janet Gwen Designs Marble MacBook Case - giving you the luxe vibes of marble at a fraction of the weight since 2014. You’re welcome.

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