Office Must-Haves For The Hardworking Boss

Whether you’re working from home or in a corporate building, your personal office is a seriously essential space. (Think about how much time you spend there)! I have been working from home for just over 3 years now and, while some aspects of office-life are ever-evolving, I’ve finally got into a (general) groove of how I like to keep my space. I figured I would share a few of my must-have items to help you make office-life a little easier (and a lot chicer!).

1. Lotion, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Face Spray (i.e. rose water)
We often think about morning and night time skin routines, but what about taking care of your skin in the middle of the day? Keep a face spray on your desk and get in the habit of routinely misting it onto your skin. This will help maintain your complexion and give your skin the nutrients it needs throughout the day. I also think it’s important to keep your lips and hands moisturized, so I recommend keeping a few hydrating products in your desk drawer.

2. Snacks + caffeine station 
Need I explain this necessity? 😉  My favorite is the tazo green tea with spearmint.

3. Chic computer accessories
In an office environment, what’s better than your computer? That’s right, nothin’. If there’s anything you should invest in, it’s your laptop. My MacBook is ready to take on my fast-paced work days with a 2-piece marble case, inner skin, and keyboard cover. I need this extra barrier of protection against drops, dings, and the most real of all real dangers: spilled food. 🙈 --- Find it here: Janet Gwen Designs

4. Wall Calendar
You may think that the days of printed calendars have come and gone, but I beg to differ. Don’t give up on these things yet! I find it’s super effective to have a printed calendar hanging within close proximity of my eye line. This helps me take a quick glance at my goals throughout the work day and stay on task for upcoming deadlines.


5. Humidifier
Cracked hands? Parched mouths? Burning eyes? ….I’ll pass. Combat dry skin and eyestrain at the computer with the ever-so-magical office humidifier. I seriously love this mystical steam-producing machine and what it does for my skin. ---> Find it here

6. Trendy Water Bottles
Gotta get those 8 glasses in. Why not motivate yourself with a pretty tumbler?

7. Bullet Journal
I use to scribble to-do lists and items for my next shopping trip on random pieces of paper throughout my office, purse, and bedroom until I purchased a bullet journal that totally changed the game. While it’s great for keeping everything organized, it’s also highly customizable and an awesome tool for tracking to-do lists and long-term goals your way. To see it in action, check out the overview video at the Bullet Journal homepage.

8. Giant Post-It Notes
I seriously loooove these things—just take a quick glance at my office wall for proof. Try and tell me there’s an item that beats the ease and convenience of a post-it note... I’ll wait.... 🤷‍♀️ *mic drop*

9. Inspirational wall-prints
Stay motivated by hanging pretty prints around your space. There’s nothing like looking up during a stressful sprint of work and seeing an uplifting reminder/mantra that reminds you of your inner Beyonce. You got this, babe 💪✨

What items would you add to the list?

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