Match Your Mood: JG Candle Guide

Y’all know we love to set a vibe here at JG.

From sunup to sundown, we’ve got our JG candles burning, elevating our mood and setting the tone as we go about the day.

We’ve always known fragrance is enjoyable but it turns out there’s even more behind why we love to keep that fire burnin’!

Quick *science-y* lesson: scent is processed in the olfactory bulb, which has a direct no-layover connection to the hippocampus and amygdala. They’re the two parts of your brain responsible for your emotional responses AND your memories, so you can see how scent has such a powerful effect on us. Just as how coming across a smell from your childhood can evoke a sudden wave of nostalgia, we can hack our brain/nose connection to set our mood and change your vibe throughout the day, even if you’re stuck at home.

Read on for our perfect-smelling day!


Omg, did you wake up in Costa Rica?! Are those waves you hear crashing, and is that a soft tropical sun filtering through gauzy curtains? No? Ah, well. Might as well make like you’re there anyway, and light the Live by the Sun candle as you enjoy your morning routine.  Bright mangosteen and a veritable basket of citrus start your day on a zingy note, awakening your senses (even if your eyelids have not yet gotten the memo...cue the sleepy emoji).

Up the experience: Freshly squeezed OJ, a silky coconut body lotion, and a few minutes of a beach read before you check your email. 

Early Afternoon

We don’t know about you, but team JG tends to hit a major slump in the post-lunch hours. This is the perfect time to switch up your scent vibe, to give you a boost of creativity and stave off the need for a nap (but if you take a siesta...hey, they’re good for you! We won’t tell.). Natural, fresh scents can stimulate the sense of energizing calm you’d get from spending time in nature. Mojave Dream, with it’s bright and bohemian mix of aloe, peach and rose is a perfect pick! Ditto for Good Vibes, with fresh, on-a-hike mountain greens.

Up the experience: Stretch it out with a 10-minute yoga video, follow a guided meditation, or blast your favorite song and sway like you’re in the center of a happy, slightly sweaty crowd at a music festival. 


Pat yourself on the back, beautiful- it’s time to relax. To unwind after a long day, stick with warm, sweet scents, like vanilla and oud, or go herbal with lavender. Vanilla and lavender have both been shown in scientific research to have anti-anxiety and sedative effects on the body...exactly what an on-the-go girl needs after another whirlwind of a day. Our top picks to help you shake off the day and drift off with ease are the deep, mysterious Love By the Moon and the

lavender + cedarwood But First, Sleep (...natch). Sweet dreams!

Up the experience: Sip a glass of wine in the bath. Snuggle under a weighted blanket and watch your fave guilty-pleasure Netflix show. Set your phone to “Do not disturb.”

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