Create Your Own Drool Worthy Closet

After we moved into our house, I could not wait to get started on my closet. We had a few extra bedrooms, so I gave myself an excuse (boyfriend-approved) to convert one of them into a storage place for my clothes—my dream storage place.

The goal was to make it a space where outfit-creation could be an easy and streamlined process.  I knew that I wanted to be able to walk into the room and feel inspired. Therefore, everything needed to look good and be in a place that made sense.

The biggest thing to consider when building out your dream closet is your organizational style. For example, I don’t like to fold things. As much as I love the look of floating shelves with neatly folded sweaters, I cringe at the thought of actually folding them. So, for me, that’s just not a practical feature (at least for this stage in my life) and I, instead, hang everything.

You have to remember that first and foremost, your closet serves a practical purpose.

With that in mind, visibility is key. You don’t want to spend the morning fumbling through messy drawers and opening tucked-away boxes in an attempt to find a forgotten sweater lost in the abyss. When you can see everything, outfit-creation is that much easier. It’s like you’re visually merchandising your closet, making it easier for your brain to process the inventory.

This has changed the game for me. Because of my closet’s visibility, I don’t (often) find myself struggling with the infamous “closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” conundrum.

For maximum visibility, I have everything hanging up on one wall. We got the top clothing bar from Lowes, and the bottom 2 are racks (placed next to each other) are from Ikea.

It’s important to me that everything looks cohesive, so I use the same velvet hangers for all of my pieces. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes when all of your hangers match!

Like I mentioned earlier, I hang everything so I had to get creative in hanging things like scarves and belts. I decided to try shower rings (purchased from Target) and they work perfectly!

I organize my clothes by color and sleeve length but you can experiment with this to find what works best for you and your wardrobe. You may want to separate by clothing type and fabric (keeping bulkier textures on the bottom and lighter fabrics on the top). However you sort it out, the idea is to look at the wall and know what you have. It makes outfit-creation even more enjoyable.

Tip: Use a clothing rack! In addition to this main wall, I have a stand-alone rack across the room. It’s a great place to store unworn, new, and/or seasonal items to help inspire creativity. I also use it as a way to keep track of my weekly outfits (it’s especially useful when packing) and for drying laundry 😂. SO handy.

One of my favorite elements of my closet is the shoe and purse section (I realize I have quite a few 🙈).

Have you ever furiously searched a messy floor with one lone shoe in hand desperately trying to find its long-lost match? I just couldn’t deal anymore. Instead, I decided to display my shoes and purses on shelves behind the glass of this IKEA dresser (I’m planning on changing the knobs to give it a more upscale look). I just love that everything is spaced out and has its own home! It’s like a curated art gallery that I get to enjoy every day.

I think it’s super important to give your closet the same styling attention that you would any other part of your home. While a closet needs to be practical, I think it’s a space that needs to be filled with things that inspire you. Remember: this is the place where you prepare for the day!

One thing I love about my closet is this giant silver-framed mirror. It’s practical but it also gives off a luxe vibe (and reflects light across the room).  Fun fact: my dog, Bonnie (the brown one in the first photo) loves to sit in this room and stare at herself. Honestly, that makes me love this mirror even more 😂.

I wear very minimal jewelry, sticking mainly to watches and earrings and all in rose gold. Keeping it in a glass case is great for organization and making selection without having to dig everything out. That could become very chaotic in a quick second if I had to do that.

While my jewelry collection is very minimal (mostly earrings and watches), I wanted to make sure that I could easily see what I had.

I find that, when storing jewelry, it’s best if there’s a designated spot for every item. Each piece should be very accessible to you while you’re getting ready and, ideally, it should be both easy to grab and easy put back.

While you're thinking about all the new ways you can organize your own closet, take our style quiz! We bet we can guess your personality type perfectly based on your style choices ;)

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