A Dime Piece Day

This month is all about the little things that bring you to a 10!✨ Think about your emotional status as a scale: it slides around from day to day, and even throughout the day. Sometimes you’ll be a 10 (extremely content) and sometimes you’ll be a 1 (floating in the emotional abyss).

We can’t be a 10 all of the time. No one should expect that of themselves, either- feel yo’ feelings, girl! But a huge part of our self-care is finding the little things that kick you up a notch, that you can reach for when your *rating* is a little low.

Say you’re at a 6- not terrible, but not great. Maybe a warm, fragrant green tea brings you to a 6.5. Moving the needle bit by bit, through our small habits and joys, is how we strive for 10s. I want you to take 15 minutes and make a list of 10 things that improve your mood, and reach for it when you need it!

Here are 10 things that makes me happy:  (in no particular order!)

  1. My dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, and their smiles. I could cuddle with them all day long. 
  2. Green tea anything: matcha green tea, or a green tea lemonade from Starbucks. It’s a refreshing break, and it gets me out of the house!
  3. Hot fries or hot Funyons. When I’m stressed I always go for a bag of chips. Not the healthiest choice, but makes me feel way better, so…**no regrets**
  4. Zoning out to music. Headphones on to block out everythingggg. #noshame. I've really been feeling our JGD June playlist!
  5. Meditation. When it gets to be all too much, I use the app Simple Habit, and take a moment to slow down, clear my mind, and refocus.
  6. Netflix is never a bad idea! There probably isn't a show I haven't watch. 
  7. Going outside. I get too cooped up in the house sometimes. Never underestimate a breath of fresh air or change of scenery!
  8. I LOVE to binge read. Doesn’t even have to be a series- I just love getting lost in a story. I read a lot of new adult and sometimes young adult. Maybe because I never had the normal journey in life, I live vicariously through these book characters.
  9. Painting and creating without a purpose. Sometimes running a creative business is draining. I feel the pressure to create for profit, which can really make me freeze up. Creator’s block is a thing for sure. I love the moments when I can create without pressure and expectations.
  10. Can I just say food? LOL. I love food.

Hope you enjoyed my list of 10 for 10s! Can’t wait to hear yours!

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