1 Simple Way to Incorporate Polka Dot Furniture Into Your Every Day Style

Solid colors through the home can get boring real quick. Whimsical patterns like polka dots can add a visual interests and contrast to a minimalist home. 

The easies way to combine patterns in a space is to combine it with a white background and/or complimentary neutral furniture. In this way you're allowing your pattern furniture to be the center of attention. Buying furniture in pairs also allows symmetry and a balance in the space if you can swing it. 

The Dutchess Spotted | Janet Gwen Designs Black Marble Laptop Case

Add a simple gallery wall above with floating frames of inspirational quotes in a tasteful way to remind you to kick butt every day. Keeping it minimal so it doesn't clash with the polka dots.

Alan Dale Sofa | Target Floating Frames | Inspirational Prints |

How do you like to incorporate print in your home? 

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